When You Find Out What This Cute Piece Of Art Is Made From, You'll Be Completely Shocked That Something So Basic Made Something So Beautiful

September 11, 2017

Art is an amazing thing that allows people to create pieces that give the rest of us a chance to view the world the way the artist sees it. With a wide variety of media available, an artist can choose whatever gives her the greatest ability to show people the beauty of the world. Ida Skivenes is an artist from Norway who works with a quite non-traditional medium, food.

Ida uses a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, almond butter, and even cream cheese, to create her beautiful works of art! Some of her favorite foods to work with are bell pepper, tomatoes, and dried blueberries. She crafts her beautiful work on a variety of plates, and snaps a photo. The photo is the only thing left of the work in the end.

Some of her most beautiful pieces include: a little forest of mushrooms created from tomatoes and sugar peas, and a watermelon crab on an ocean floor made of kiwi and almond flour. Her simple materials lend themselves to making food fun. I think it’s safe to say that this would get anyone to eat healthy, too!

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