After Reading These Tips, You’ll Never Throw Pickle Juice Away Again

September 08, 2017

Once a jar of pickles is consumed, it’s typically discarded without a second thought. After all, the “good stuff” is gone, so why not? As it turns out, pickle juice can be a bit more handy than one might realize. Once you discover the many uses of this briny, sour liquid, you’ll never toss it away again!

1. Reuse For Pickling Other Items

Repurpose the jar and the liquid to pickle other items you have on hand. Toss them in and let them sit for a few days. Voila!!

2. Nausea Remedy

It’s inevitable that you will get an upset stomach, sometime. If you find yourself in a pickle (See what I did there?) and need something to alleviate the discomfort quickly, just reach for your pickle jar. Drinking the juice will help alleviate upset stomach symptoms at first swallow.

3. Post-Workout Drink

It’s always recommended to stay fully hydrated before, during, and after a workout. Drinking pickle juice post-workout, has proven to be beneficial for athletes because of its high electrolyte content.

4. Dressing Or Marinade

More often than not, I’ve found myself in the middle of preparing a marinade only to realize that I’m missing a few critical ingredients. One time, by chance, I decided to use a little pickle juice in my marinade instead. After one use, I instantly became hooked! It perfectly tenderizes meat and leaves a subtle flavor that makes your marinated dishes simply irresistible.

5. All-Natural Weed Killer

If you see your garden growing some unwelcome guests, fill a spray bottle with pickle juice and give those pesky weeds a good soaking. The acidity and salt in the brine will knock them out naturally, in no time at all.

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