Man Hears Crying Outside In A Field Then Finds Newborn Babies Stuffed In A Bag

October 25, 2017

Many times, animal rescuers are faced with difficult tasks when called to find and recover animals. It all starts with a call; they hear of animals that need rescuing and with little to no background, they make their way to a poorly-defined scene. Many times, they are met with tragedy. They find out that what they had been imaging is actually so much worse in reality. This story is no different.

It started as a tip from a man who was taking his daily stroll. He heard whimpering from the road but, after looking out into the distance, he was unable to find anything on his own. He listened for a little longer before deciding to call in experts. He gave them all the information he had - that he had been hearing cries coming from the grass near the road.

Rescuers showed up to the scene and immediately heard the cries. As they looked out into the distance, they too were confused; they weren’t seeing anything that was alarming. That’s when they walked out into the grass. One man followed the sound until he was literally directly on top of the animals that were making the sound. The rescuer was just milliseconds away from actually stepping on the animals.

When he moved his foot, he saw something confusing: a fabric bag was deep in the tall grass. He stared at it for a moment and then, after stillness, the bag moved. The rescuer knew that he had found exactly what he had been seeking.

He knelt down and tried to open the bag. He was shocked to see an entire litter of newborn puppies. These puppies were so young that they still had their umbilical cords attached. The man quickly took the puppies out and passed them to his rescue partner.

Back at the veterinary hospital, the puppies were given the care and treatment that they so desperately needed. Sadly, three of the puppies did not survive on the way to the hospital. The four remaining puppies were able to survive and they quickly began to thrive.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle; the puppies grew into some of the most vivacious and sweet puppies that the hospital had ever seen. Nurses were concerned for the behaviors after going through such trauma but, thankfully, the puppies defied all the odds and quickly earned a reputation for being playful and happy.

After 12 weeks in the shelter, the puppies were placed for adoption. They were quickly claimed due to their happy-go-lucky attitudes. While the nurses were sad to see them go, they were also overjoyed to see them go to good homes.

Who knows what would have happened to these innocent puppies had one man not called a rescue team? There is no telling when the next person would have been able to pick up on the faint sound of puppy cries. We are so grateful that he followed his gut instinct and called rescuers for help!

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