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Meet Emma The ‘Sensational’ Pig Who Surprised Everyone When She Gave Birth To 17 Piglets!

December 13, 2017

Some might say that the very thing that could threaten to take us down in life, can at times be the one thing that keeps us alive. That's the case for Emma the pig. Emma arrived at Apricot Lane Farms a very skinny, sickly pig - but also very, very pregnant.

Farmer John Chester was told that Emma would be lucky if she had six piglets. When the big day came, Emma beat the odds, giving birth to not six piglets but nearly tripling that number, having a whopping 17 piglets. Wow, that is simply crazy!

The sad thing is that only 13 survived - which is still a lot of piglets for one small pig. I guess you could say Emma is "Some Pig!" Still, the intense labor took its toll, and Emma found herself fighting for her life. She needed a miracle. Maybe she needed 13 small miracles.

After Emma gave birth she spiked a fever of 108.3 degrees and stopped producing milk. They were forced to remove her piglets and give her a break. Bottle feeding 13 piglets three-to-four times a day was not an easy option. If Emma died that would be the future for John and his wife.

Emma needed a reason to live. What saved her life was having those 13 small piglets. When her body was too weak, her mind took over. She discovered her calling in those 13 little piglets and that calling saved her life. Those 13 little piglets gave her purpose to live.

Emma's story is a story of hope, love, and purpose. She discovered her calling which gave her purpose to live. Emma teaches us the power of having a purpose. When you know your purpose you know your power! What an incredible story! Watch this powerful video, below.

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