Mother Brings Her Fussy Baby To The Barn. When She Sets Her Child Down Beside The Horse, Something Magical Begins To Happen

August 28, 2017

Animals can often be intimidating to small children. It’s quite easy to see why a child would be a bit leery of an animal that's larger in stature, such as a horse. Their eyes are prominent, their legs are extra long, and they have a bit of a funky smell. Little do they know that these big creatures are some of the most gentle, lovable, and curious animals on the planet.


They have fun-loving spirits and are unbelievably curious about everything around them. The horse in the video, below, is no exception. When he finds something peculiar in his surroundings, he can't help but snoop around. One day, his owner stops by to visit him. With her, she brings along a fussy baby. This, in itself, peaks his curiosity greatly as he cautiously examines the crying infant.

As he steps up nearer to the little human, it’s apparent he’s completely perplexed by the little person. He sniffs around and leans down closer to the baby. In a matter of seconds, he begins to gently rock the small child in her carrier. This instantaneously brings a grin to the baby’s face as she watches the kind, gentle giant before her. Check out the video below to see this sweet interaction unfold.

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