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Neglected For Years, This Pony's Hooves Were So Overgrown He Could Barely Walk. See His Dramatic Transformation Here

December 06, 2017

Poly had lived a sad life when Animaux en Péril got word of his condition and rescued him from the hellish conditions he was in. When Poly got to the sanctuary he was shy and timid, but his rescuers helped transform him into a whole new pony. It has now been several months since his initial transformation and so much has happened. 

Animaux en Péril, this horse and farm animal sanctuary, is a Nonprofit Organization in Meslin-L'Évêque, Hainaut, Belgium. Animaux said on their facebook page,

"Do you remember Poly?"

"This pony suffered a real martyrdom for more than ten years before being released from his ordeal by the authorities (Ubeaw). Due to lack of maintenance, his hooves had peaked at 540 degrees."

"Since then, he has been housed and cared for at the animal shelter in danger [Animaux en Péril]. The coverage of Poly's rescue had crossed our borders and many foreign sites had relayed our intervention [for] this poor animal. On the page of the well known American site "the dodo" the video of the arrival of Poly at the animal shelter in danger [Animaux en Péril] had been viewed by over 80 million people."

"[Six] months later, this social media giant sent a team to the shelter to report on the evolution of this little martyr pony. The report is very moving and although the comments are mostly in English, everyone can appreciate the work done by our team and especially by our blacksmith who, despite 25 years of trade, had never met a This is so serious [sic]. Only [three] days after it has been posted, the report already displays more than 30 million views on the meter."

"Today, Poly has become, despite him[self], a real star that no visitor from the refuge is missing. He obviously doesn't care about his notoriety, which he doesn't know about. The main thing for him is that he now lives in heaven and that is what we show these beautiful images. To watch without moderation."

He looks so happy and healthy now and we are so excited for him. Love seeing how he is doing now and excited to see how he will be doing in the future. Check out the video, below, for the full update.

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