No One Would Play Fetch With This Adorable Dog, So He Found A Way To Play All By Himself!

June 21, 2017

Over the years I have met my fair share of dogs, big and small. I have met dogs that had lots of energy and some that were downright lazy. Most dogs I have met, however, had one thing in common. They all loved to play fetch. Whether I threw a tennis ball, a chew toy or the traditional big stick, most dogs would run right after them. Whether they brought the item back was a different story. The dog in this story didn't have anyone to play fetch with so he found his own way to keep himself occupied!


One day, near a river, some people were gathered for a swim. The day was hot and all anyone wanted to do was go for a dip. This included the dogs that people had brought with them. Most of the dogs were content wading out into the water and remaining stationary. One dog, however, was eager to play fetch. But, no matter how much he begged, everyone seemed too busy to play. So, he had to get innovative.


The dog noticed the water had a fast moving stream. Taking his toy over to the water, the dog dropped it into the stream and sure enough, the stream swept the toy away. The dog took off after his toy and jumped into the water to retrieve it. Once he had gotten his toy and returned back to shore, he immediately went back to do it again. The dog had found a new and fun way to keep himself entertained for hours! WATCH the video below to see this smart dog play fetch with himself!

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