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Puppy Notices That Kittens Are Fast Asleep. She Does The Most Precious Thing To Keep From Waking Them Up

August 15, 2017

When it comes to cats and dogs, their personalities couldn’t be any more opposite. When you have one and you bring the other into your home, you always have to question if they will actually get along in perfect harmony or if they will be enemies for eternity. After a while, they always tend to tolerate one another but it seems like a complete accomplishment if they actually become the best of pals.


The cute little pup in the video welcomed the addition of kittens into her home with open paws. They all got along well from the start and it was as if she had been longing for some feline companions. They enjoyed cuddling up together on the couch for their mid-day snooze. One day, the little pup woke long before any of her buddies.


She happened to take notice and what she did in response perfectly showcases her unbelievably polite personality. As soon as she sees her furry friends still in dreamland, she doesn’t move a muscle in fear of waking them. She lays there peacefully and patiently until her buddies have gotten their nap out. If you ask me, there isn’t much cuter out on the internet than this! Check out the video below to see this cute canine’s polite manners.

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