Rescuers Get A Call About Puppies Stuck In a Cave. They Dig 18 Feet Down Into The Earth To The Rescue Scared Puppies.

August 25, 2017

Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue in CA, never thought he would be digging into the earth on the day of his good friend and fellow rescuer's funeral. After receiving an urgent call, however, Eldad changes his plans. He hurries to the site of a dire situation in which rescuers have already discovered six puppies in a cave.

The rescuers try to draw the pups out of the cave with pieces of meat and successfully retrieve one. Shortly after, however, something spooks the other puppies causing them to go deeper into the cave. After the rescue of a couple more pups, the other puppies go through a tunnel at the back of the cave making the rescue that much more difficult and dangerous. After determining where the pups are, Eldad begins to dig 18 feet into the earth to retrieve the scared puppies.

I don't want to give you too many details about this amazing rescue because you really do need to see it for yourself to understand the lengths these awesome rescuers went through to save these homeless puppies. I promise it does have a happy ending!

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