Scientists Have Finally Explained The Reason Behind 5 Of Your Pups Oddest Behaviors

January 17, 2018

Dogs are absolutely the most amazing companions around, and it makes total sense why we love them so much. This can easily be proven by spending just one afternoon watching what they can get themselves into. One thing that has always puzzled their owners though, is why they do some of the weird things that they do. With the help of some knowledgeable scientists, we’ve gathered the explanations behind some of the most intriguing behaviors of our pups!

1. According to scientists, dogs tilt their heads for one very important reason, and it isn’t just to look absolutely adorable! In fact, dogs tilt their heads to help adjust their outer ears, making it easier for them to listen to what you have to say.

2. It seems there are plenty of reasons for a pup to chase his own tail, and it can mean a wide range of things! If it’s a small puppy, the odds are that he just doesn't know what its tail is or why it keeps following him. It can also mean they have fleas, or even irritated anal glands. Of course, it could also be that the pup is just plain-old bored!

3. Dogs eat grass for a variety of reasons, all of which are beneficial! Although it may seem odd to you to watch them eat enough grass to make themselves throw up, it serves a great purpose! They eat grass to improve their digestion, treat intestinal worms, or even fulfill a nutritional requirement, like if they aren’t getting enough fiber!

4. If there is one thing that dogs love to do on a car ride, it’s stick their heads out the window! The breeze on their face is sure to bring a grin, but why do they do it all the time? Well, it’s just a great way for them to completely immerse themselves in the world outside! They get a better opportunity to sniff the environment and take in all the interesting sights and even smells.

5. Dogs sniff each other's behinds as a way of greeting each other! Where we might stick out our hands for a handshake and engage in small talk, they take a polite smell as a way to share important information about each other. From one scent, they can tell everything they need to know about the other dogs, including if they’re sick or not!