Litter Of Puppies Are Left To Die On The Side Of The Road In A Cooler

January 18, 2018

On a sweltering day in Texas, a mother was driving down the road when she spotted a nice looking plastic cooler sitting abandoned on the side of the road. She was never one to pass up a great deal, so she decided to pull off and take the cooler home with her. When she opened the container for the first time, she was not expecting to find puppies shoved inside.

The woman, who wishes to remain unidentified, immediately called Sulphur Springs Animal Control Department, who sent out a veterinarian to help. Dr. Kerri McCreary is the veterinarian who got the call, and she immediately raced to save the puppies.

Dr. McCreary couldn’t believe it when she looked inside the cooler to find nine German Shepherd puppies sitting there. The hero who found the puppies must have spotted the cooler not long after it was abandoned or else the puppies surely would have died in that heat.

The puppies were covered in their own mess and had no food or water available at all. However, after a thorough examination by Dr. McCreary, she determined that the puppies were all completely healthy. The puppies were strong and playful and seemed to have suffered no ill side effects from the ordeal they’d been forced to endure.

Humans, as a species, are biologically conditioned to care for small, weak infants and we do a good job of that, for the most part. Scientists think that the reason humans have those same nurturing feelings towards puppies is that their large foreheads and big round eyes remind us of our own newborn children. Whatever monster left these puppies to die in that cooler surely is missing that nurturing gene.

Dr. McCreary took the nine playful pups back with her to give them their medical care and get them all their vaccinations. Once she’s sure the puppies are in complete health, she’s going to help the lovable puppies find new homes.

Hopefully, the pups will not remember their time locked in a cooler and will go on to live long and happy lives with owners who adore them. Their chance at a happy life is all thanks to one mom who saw the cooler and stopped. Next time you see a cooler on the side of the road, stop and check for yourself!