Woman Noticed Something Struggling in a Parking Lot. When She Looked Closer, Her Jaw Dropped in Disbelief

January 15, 2018

Sometimes, you find yourself in a situation you never could have imagined and you become an instant hero. It's in our human nature to help the helpless and share the burdens of life together. A woman named Valinda Cortez knows this situation very well and has become known as a "Good Samaritan" for her selfless act of kindness.

It was early on a Sunday in Canton, North Carolina, when Valinda was out and about running some early morning errands. She was still in her pajamas and flip flops so it was obvious she wasn't planning on staying in town for long at all. When she pulled into the parking lot of a local convenience store, something unusual captured her attention.

Off to the side and all alone stood a scruffy little dog, completely soaked and shivering in the cold rain. The dog's hair was matted. Upon more inspection, Valinda noticed that the dog had a horrible eye infection and a gash in her leg. This was an incredibly heartbreaking sight for Valinda and she knew she had to do something quickly.

She found a blanket in her car and carefully draped it over the lonely dog. The dog was so sad and depressed that she didn't even budge when Valinda came near her. She even tried to offer a hand to the dog but, again, the dog didn't move. Since the dog wouldn't move, she decided she wouldn't either.

This dog needed her and she knew she had to stay with her. After some time, she slowly began to earn the dog's trust and was able to feed her and warm her up. She called a friend for backup and together they were able to save the dog from the streets and get her safely into a loving shelter.

Since the rescue, this dog has come out of her shell in many ways. This sweet girl, now named Cassie, is happy, joyful, and loves to be around humans. She hopes that within no time she'll find her forever home. The shelter workers know that whatever home she goes to, she'll bring smiles and laughs for years to come! Check out the video, below, to see Cassie's full story. It's people like Valinda that restore our faith in humanity and help us realize that there is still good in the world.

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