Dog Leaps In Front Of Trooper’s Car. After Following The Dog, He Realizes It’s A Massive Warning

January 19, 2018

One night, an Alaska State Trooper was patrolling some back roads. The sun was gone and the moon and stars were all covered by a thick fog. The trooper drove through the roads with low visibility. While he wasn’t looking for anything specific, he was on guard as any trooper should be.

While he was out following the rural roads, his GPS died in his car, giving him no way to know his own whereabouts. The trooper was worried, but not too much since he hadn't really seen anything for miles. But then, a miracle occurred.

As the trooper was driving along the road, he spotted a dog on the side of the road. He noticed that the dog was absolutely frantic. Without any hesitation, the trooper started following the dog. The trooper quickly realized that he had made the right choice in following the dog!

As the trooper’s car recorded the dog’s every turn, the officer couldn’t help but realize that this dog was leading him to something terrible. All the trooper could do was follow the dog and pray for a miracle.

Finally, after chasing the dog around bends, trees, and hills, the trooper finally saw what he was sure the dog had been leading him to: an entire house was up in flames!

The officer immediately called for backup and was grateful for the dog’s urgency and diligence. He would have never found the house fire or the owner without the dog's guidance! The trooper immediately called for firefighters and, just as he did, another miracle happened!

The dog ran back away from the house toward where the firetruck was bound to get lost. The dog waited faithfully on the road until he was greeted by the firetruck. Once he saw them on the road, he led them back down the same mile-long stretch of rural roads to the blazing home. The firefighters were able to save the owner with minimal burns.

Everyone was grateful for the dog; he truly saved a life!! The German Shepherd, Buddy, was later given a special award for his loyalty and diligence. Buddy is a hero!! Who knows? If the dog hadn’t gotten the trooper’s attention, the entire forest surrounding the home could have gone up in flames as well! Check out the video to witness this dog’s amazing courage!

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