Sisters Were Both Pregnant And Had Same Due Date. When Mom Finds Out, Her Reaction Is Better Than They Could Have Imagined

January 12, 2018

There are few things in this word as exciting as the news of a pregnancy. The moment a mother finds out she has life growing inside her, she’s filled with a plethora of emotions. Before long, all the emotions turn into sheer excitement as she anticipates the arrival of her precious bundle of joy.

The first step on the to-do list after discovering you’re pregnant is to tell your friends and family the wonderful news! This day and age, it has become increasingly popular to surprise the “grandparents-to-be” in creative, out-of-the-box ways. Their reactions are always far greater than one could imagine.

Two sisters recently discovered they were both pregnant. When they told each other their due dates, they were completely stunned to find out that the date was exactly the same! For sisters as close as they, it just added to the sheer excitement and anticipation of the newborns. They knew that the best way to tell their family was by surprise.

They each drove to their childhood home to spend some “quality time” with their parents. They both played it off casually, acting as if nothing were out of the ordinary. As their mother prepared a delicious meal, they commented on how yummy it looked, adding to the normalcy of the visit. Before long, one sister encouraged the mother to open the gift they brought.

She walked over, peeked inside, and pulled out a onesie with a due date printed on it. Her eyes lit up and she squealed with excitement! Before she could fully let the information sink in, the other sister encouraged her to see what else was in the package. She composed herself, reached in, and pulled out yet another onesie - this time, it was for the second sister! Her reaction to the double baby surprise is better than anyone could have predicted. Check out the video, below, to see it all go down.

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