Take Some Terracotta Pots And Turn Them Into This Jaw-Dropping Lawn Feature

September 28, 2017

To make this terracotta fountain, you'll need one 14-inch terracotta saucer, one seven-inch saucer, one six-inch saucer, three four-inch saucers, one six-inch flower pot, a four-inch flower pot, a fountain pump, plastic tubing, silicone sealer, clear spray sealer, a round file, and a drill with a 3/8-inch masonry bit.

Begin by spraying the inside of the 14-inch saucer with clear spray. Let it dry completely. Add a couple more coats to make the saucer waterproof.

While that's drying, take the remaining saucers and flower pots and soak them in buckets of water for at least one hour. This step will make it easier to drill holes in the material and file notches in them.

Place the seven-inch saucer upside-down over a small block of wood for support. Drill a hole through the center using a masonry bit. Use the file to enlarge the hole, if needed, until it is large enough for the plastic tubing to fit inside.

File four notches in the lip of the six-inch flower pot. Make sure one of the notches is large enough for the power cord of the pump to fit. File four notches in one of the four-inch saucers. Take the seven-inch saucer and file a notch in the lip. If you file at a slightly downward angle, it will work better as a spout for the downpouring water.

Attach the plastic tubing to the pump's outlet. If it is difficult to slide the tubing onto the outlet, warm the tubing in hot water to soften it. Check out the following page to see the rest of the steps and the final result. I'm definitely going to be making one of these for my front lawn!

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