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Page 2: Take Some Terracotta Pots And Turn Them Into This Jaw-Dropping Lawn Feature

September 28, 2017

Turn the six-inch pot upside down and slide the tubing through the center hole. Set the seven-inch saucer on top, making sure that the tubing also goes through the hole in its center. Adjust the tube so that the pump sits flat on the bottom. Trim the tube, ensuring that 1/2-inch of it sticks out of the saucer. Seal the perimeter of the tube with a silicone sealant and let dry completely.

Take the four-inch saucer with the four notches and place it upside-down over the sealed tubing. Turn the four-inch flower pot upside-down and place it beside the first column. Take the six-inch saucer with the notch and place it on top.

Take a four-inch saucer and place it upside-down beside the two columns. Take the last four-inch saucer with a notch and place it atop it. Fill the base of the fountain with water until it almost reaches the rim.

Plug the fountain into a safe outdoor outlet and adjust the flower pots and the pump as needed. Finish your terra cotta fountain with decorative rocks, gravel, or potted plants.

Remember to add additional water from time to time, as needed. Lastly, sit back and enjoy your new bubbling, beautiful, homemade terra cotta water fountain!

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