Owner Asks Terrier One Single Question. As Soon As She Hears It, She Becomes Hysterical In The Most Adorable Way Possible

July 27, 2017

Our sweet fur babies are always looking to us for guidance, care, and love. They want nothing more than to be the center of your world and the apple of your eye. We feel the same about our sweet canines. We want to make sure they feel loved, protected, and happy at all hours of the day. That alone makes having a dog one of the most rewarding things in life.


It doesn't take long for us to realize just what makes our dogs' tails wag a little bit faster. Some go berserk at the sound of a squeaking toy. Other dogs simply go mad at the sound of a treat jar rattling. Christy, the West Highland Terrier has a little something that sends her straight into a tizzy. Her owner has to ask one simple question and he knows he will get the response of a lifetime. 


Christy's favorite thing in the whole entire world (aside from her dear owners, of course) is the swimming pool. She waits year round for summertime to strike so that she can enjoy soaking up a little vitamin D while swimming laps in her pool. The second her owner asks, "Chris, is that your pool? Did you want to go swimming?", little Christy begins squeaking, squawking, and twirling in sheer excitement! Check out the video below to see her darling reaction. The best part, though, is when the door is opened and she gets to head straight for that pool!

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