Everyone Said He Wouldn't Remember Them, But Have You Seen What Happens When He Re-Unites With Old Friends?

February 13, 2017

Sometimes in life a story comes along that we never forget. The bond between two young men and their lion is a perfect example.

In 1969, Christian the lion was living his life in captivity in London before he was purchased by John Rendall and Anthony "Ace" Bourke. The two men, along with help from their friends, cared for the lion and raised him as their own. 

When Christian was a year old, they knew he needed to go back to the wild where he belonged. With help from a conservationist, they helped Christian become the pride of his own pack in the wild of Kenya. 

A few years later the two men went to check in on their furry loved one. Many people said Christain would not recognize them, but when Christain spotted his long lost pals, ours hearts melted!!

Watch the full video below...you might want to grab a few tissues first! 

Do you have a true love story with your furry companion?