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This Adorable And Unlikely Lunch Trio Has Us Completely Smitten!

December 13, 2017

It’s finally happened! We finally found the world’s most adorable video on the Internet, but you’ll never believe who the insanely cute stars are!

In a world where everything is shared online, stories of cuteness never seem to grow old. Here at All Cute All The Time, we’ve seen it all from baby penguins walking for the first time, to litters of puppies playing, and rescue stories that bring tears to our eyes. But never before have we seen something as adorable as this next video.

One day, a man is sitting out on his front porch, enjoying the day with his unlikely animal companion, a tortoise. The breeze is cool and the tortoise is happy alongside his owner. Together, they enjoy the day. But then, an adorable little friend joins them and manages to liven up their afternoon on the porch.

Enter: a mini horse! We know what you’re thinking, “A mini horse and a tortoise?! That seems a little random…” Random, yes. Incredibly cute, double yes!! You might think that a mini horse and tortoise have nothing in common, but these two are more than comfortable hanging out and enjoying a delicious and nutritious meal of lettuce.

As the two munch down on some lettuce together, you can’t help but smile. They are such an unlikely pair and they couldn’t be any cuter together! Or could they???

Just when we think we couldn’t love this video more, a third animal enters the picture and completely steals our hearts! A little white furball of a puppy scurries over to the feast and happily joins in. The tortoise and mini horse keep eating, unfazed by all the cuteness!

As the three sweethearts enjoy their meal together, we can’t help but smile! What an unlikely trio!! While they are an unusual group of pals, they sure do know how to win the hearts of animal lovers!

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