These Two Felines Are Known For Their Playful Photos. When You See How Goofy They Are, You Won’t Be Able To Stop Your Laughter

September 29, 2017

The Ancient Greeks believed in a whole pantheon of gods, each dedicated to making one aspect of their world go round. Much like the Ancient Egyptians, they also held felines in high regard, although they didn’t worship them as the Egyptians did. It only seems fitting that these magnificent Maine Coon cats were named after Greek gods. Their names, Apollo and Artemis, were chosen with great care, too. Not only are the felines siblings like their namesakes, but their personalities seem to line up just as well!

Artemis and Apollo might not be twins like the gods, but these two adoptive siblings come pretty close! They love to do everything together, as evidenced by their Instagram photos. Although these two felines are close friends, their personalities couldn’t be more different! The gorgeous orange-colored Apollo loves destroying things and waking his mom up at 5 am. Artemis loves sleeping late and would never think of destroying things. Apollo is the more curious of the two; Artemis is the one who loves to jump the fence and teach the neighborhood cats a thing or two about who rules the roost.

These lucky cats also get to travel with their owners! In fact, their owners are so devoted to being able to travel with their felines, that they refuse to add any other animals to their family! One of the funniest things that this playful duo does is when Artemis climbs to the highest perch she can, the short-legged Apollo tries to follow her and almost always ends up falling!

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