12 HILARIOUS Cat Shaming Photos That Prove Cats Think They Rule the World

January 26, 2017

Cats are the best. I mean they're so adorable and cuddly and loving...sometimes.

You know, now that I think of it, they can be real jerks sometimes, too, for no reason at all. But that's why we love our personality-filled feline companions, right?

They are masters at knowing how to keep life interesting, that's for sure!

Below we've complied 12 photos of incredibly hilarious photos of cats being shamed for their misbehaviors. It's hard to get through this without crying from laughter!

1. He's all about the finer things in life...

2. You mean you didn't leave this in here for me?

3. You're not the only one who knows your way around a kitchen...

4. Eh, you didn't need that money back anyway.

5. I need attention...all the time. Is that too much to ask?!

6. ...because I can.

7. Isn't that what this weird water bowl is for anyway?

8. Seriously, could you care a bit more about my personal hygiene?

9. You're welcome.

10. Was that not okay?

11. It was a total accident...won't happen again.

12. Just trying to be a cordial host.

Do any of these remind you of your own cats?