Unlikely Friends: One Barks And One Quacks

June 12, 2017

Animals tend to travel in packs of the same kind. After all, you know that saying: “Birds of a feather, flock together.” Very rarely do you see two very different species near each other without causing some sort of ruckus. However, every once in awhile, you see a pair that just makes your head tilt and your face smile. It’s not all that common, but we sure love when it happens!

One of the cutest pairs I’ve ever seen is a golden retriever and a duck! Anytime there’s a golden retriever involved, you’re bound to be overwhelmed with cuteness. But then, add the companionship of a duck- are you kidding me?! That is the cutest friendship in the world!

This unlikely pair of friends started as roommates together with their owner in Orange County, California. The owner, Pam, has several animals that live with her but none are as close as the retriever, Barclay, and the duck, Rudy. Their friendship wasn’t always a friendly one though.

When Rudy and the rest of his flock joined Barclay’s home, he ignored his new roommates. He wasn’t a fan of them until he realized they had something he wanted. Something… delicious.

Barclay noticed that the ducks were given really yummy food, and yummy food just happened to be Barclay’s favorite thing in the world! Since Rudy wanted a friend and Barclay wanted food, they saw it as an even trade. Ultimately, a simple business transaction turned into an adorable and silly friendship!

After watching the video, all I keep thinking about is how badly I want to hang out with these two characters! "Hey! Barclay and Rudy- I will bring you each food if we can all be besties!" Sounds like a great trade-off to me! Check out this adorable compilation of pictures from this adorable duo!