Watch This Live Grasslands National Park Cam To See Bison and Prairie Dogs In Their Natural Habitat

August 30, 2017

Bison Water Hole Cam

Bison are one of the most intriguing creatures around. These symbols of the American West have been an important part of the culture in their native habitat for as far back as anyone knows. Native American cultures revolved around this animal that they revered.

Bison And Prairie Dog Cam

Native American’s didn’t just hunt bison for the meat, they used every part of animal from head to tail. With the pelts, they were able to make new tipi’s and clothing, and their bones provided them with weapons and tools. Their fat provided them with soaps even, so these animals were beloved by Native Americans.

Bison Calving Cam

Nowadays, Bison are not hunted to provide survival for most people and are free to live out their lives in the wild. Grasslands National Park in Canada is home to the herd of bison you can view from these live cams. After being hunted to extinction, they re-introduced a herd of bison consisting of 71 members. In 2015, the herd was about 310 members strong. These cams give you the opportunity to observe them as they grow and go about their lives.

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