Watch This Live Polar Bear Cam To Get An Inside Look Into Their Migratory Habits

August 30, 2017

Live Video of Tundra Buggy Cam

Polar bears are magnificent animals; with their size it’s hard not to allow these animals to draw your eye. Male polar bears weigh around 900 pounds, but have been known to weigh up to 1,300 pounds! In fact, Canadian researchers estimate that one polar bear weighed in at 1,700 pounds.

Live Video of Tundra Buggy Lodge - South

It is hard to know what the true population of polar bears is because of their shy nature. However, current estimates have the population of polar bears coming in at 26,000 in the wild. That population is spread between 19 subpopulations. Of the ten subpopulations that they have been able to study, one is increasing, six are stable, and three are declining.

Live Video of Tundra Buggy Lodge - North

These live cameras give you the amazing opportunity to watch the polar bear migration that takes place near Churchill, Manitoba, in Canada, every fall. The polar bears converge on the Hudson Bay shores, waiting for the ice to thicken so they can return to the ice-covered sea where they hunt seals. The heavy freezes they require are coming later and later every year, leaving the polar bears less time to hunt and causing them to starve.

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