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Watch Live As This Hummingbird Raises Her Young

August 29, 2017

Hummingbirds are some of the most spectacular animals to have ever existed. Their bright markings and jewel-like colorations draw the eye of whoever is lucky enough to be in their presence. They are extremely swift as well, which is how they got their name. Their wings flap so fast that they make a humming noise, sounding like a higher note of a bumblebee's buzzing! In this live cam, you’re lucky enough to get a close-up look at a hummingbird as she sits on her nest and raises her babies!

Rosie the hummingbird is a hybrid of the Allen’s and Rufous hummingbirds. This is her second year nesting in this tree, and her second clutch this year. Each year, hummingbirds can have up to five clutches, with each clutch consisting of two eggs. Before her first clutch of the year, Blossom and Banji, were even fledged, Rosie had already started on this nest! In fact, you can see Blossom and Banji’s old nest in the left hand side of the camera!

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