7 Year Old Goes To Throw His Trash Away; What He Finds In The Garbage Can Makes Him Into A HERO [VIDEO]

April 07, 2017

When your day takes an unexpected turn, all you can do is buckle up and enjoy the ride. Life has a tendency of throwing us some amazing curve balls at times, which was certainly the case with a young boy named Griffin Steele. When Griffin went out for a ride with his dad one afternoon, he had no idea that life was about to give him a big surprise.

One day, Griffin and his father, Shane, decided to get out of the house and go for a drive. The father and son were having a great time together, enjoying the open road with the windows down. After a while, Shane could tell that one of the tires on the truck was low so they pulled into a gas station to fill the tire with air.

Shane started filling up the tire and Griffin hopped out of the truck to join him. Once the tire was full, Griffin told Shane that he was thirsty so the duo made their way into the gas station to find something to drink. Before Griffin made it inside, however, something on the ground caught his eye.

As Griffin bent down to see the object better, he realized it was a 20 dollar bill. Griffin immediately grabbed the money but when he looked closer he noticed something odd about it. The bill was covered in red dye. Griffin took the money to his father for inspection.

Griffin's father thought that the dye on the bill was odd but couldn't figure out why. Shane thanked Griffin for giving him the money and the two headed back to the truck. Before he got back to the truck, Griffin stopped at a trash bin to discard his empty bottle. When Griffin opened the lid to the bin, however, he got the shock of his life.

Griffin discovered that the trash bin was filled with discarded money. Griffin could not believe his eyes and called his father over immediately. The pair called the police and within minutes officers arrived on the scene. The officers informed the father and son that there had been a bank robbery not far from there which is why the money was covered in dye. The officers told Griffin that he had helped them with their investigation by finding the money.

Griffin later revealed that he saw some money without any dye on it but he wanted to do the right thing and turned it all in. Shane was very proud of his son, as were the officers that were called. Griffin would not soon forget the day that he found a trash bin full of money, especially since the town called him a hero from that day on. Watch the video below to see Griffin tell his story.

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