Woman Never Expected This Response When She Told Her Dog 'I Love You,' When People Heard It Their Jaws Dropped

August 08, 2017

It is safe to say that if you have ever been a pet owner, you have probably created a one of a kind bond with your animal. Whether it is a cat that loves to cuddle or a dog that knows exactly how you are feeling, our pets communicate love in the most adorable ways possible. The little pup in this story, however, may just take the cake when it comes to expressing love. When her mom showered her with love and words of affirmation, this little pup responded in the most unexpected way imaginable.

One night, a tiny French bulldog was having a wonderful time celebrating with her family. Her parents had even bought her a special sweater for the occasion and the little pup was eager to try it on. The sweater fit perfectly and the Frenchie was all smiles, which of course brought smiles to the faces of everyone who saw her. The pups dad decided he had to get the adorable dog and her outfit on video so he ran to get the camera. We are sure glad he did because what he caught on camera went viral on the internet.

The camera started to roll and the dog's mom picked her up to show her off. The pup licked and her mom's face and barked excitedly because she knew she was loved and adored. Then the mom told the pup, "I love you" and, as if in answer the pup, seemingly, said the same thing right back to her. The mom and dad could not believe their ears. The dog, rather like a parrot, had heard the phrase so many times that she was able to repeat it in her own way. It just goes to show that love can make amazing things happen. Watch the video below to see the amazing doggie response.

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