Woman Sees Something Fall Out Of The Back Of A Moving Truck. Completely Shocked At What She Saw, She Stops Her Car To Help

August 02, 2017

It's not every day that you see something fall out of the back of a truck. You expect to see other cars but not an animal rolling down the highway but that is what happened to a woman who was driving down a Colorado highway.

What the woman saw falling from the truck was a tiny baby piglet. She immediately pulled her car over and approached the piglet that was all scraped up from the fall. She put the piglet in her car and took it to an animal hospital nearby. Once at the hospital, the vet determined she was only a few days old and that despite the piglet jumping out of a moving truck, surprisingly, she was fine other than some scrapes and bruises from the fall.

At the hospital, the team named her Freeway and then contacted Andrea Davis, founder of Broken Shovels Farm to see if she could take the piglet to her farm.

“She was probably in the process of being transferred from one of those breeding sow facilities to a feeder facility. Her injuries were pretty consistent with jumping off of a transport truck,” said Davis

Davis picked up Freeway to take her home to recover. “Pigs really don’t like being picked up generally. But for the first three days, she basically needed to be held the whole time. I had to actually sling her and carry her around with me everywhere. She slept with me, she followed me around, she did chores with me,” said Davis.

Finally, Freeway started to get comfortable and quickly became best friends with a goat named Pixel. The two had many things in common as they had both been found on the side of the road. These two love each other and even take naps together.

Freeway may have a rough start to life but now life has turned around and she is one happy little piglet! Thankful for everyone who did their part to give this piglet a new chance at life!

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