When You See Who This Dog Lives With, You’ll Be Insanely Jealous

October 03, 2017

Getting to watch dogs play with other pups is almost guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves canines. Some people are lucky enough to own multiple dogs, and get to watch them play and interact all the time. A rare few are lucky - and brave - enough to own what can only be called a pack!


Instagram user Alyeska owns seven Huskies, a Border Collie, and a German Shorthair Pointer. Her pack consists of Pooka, Zizou, Musky, Pikey, Pixie, Angus, Rascal, and Bobby. The photos and videos of the pack as they race around, playing on their playground and howling, are sure to leave you grinning.


Alyeska loves to “bikejor” with their pack in the summer, and sled in the winter. Bikejor is when the dogs pull you on a bike much like they would if you were on the sled! You can tell how much the Huskies love to pull them by the huge grins on their faces, and their playful body language.


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