10 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

March 29, 2017

Dogs can often be like an open book. They wear their emotions on their sleeve, or should I say fur! We all know that our dogs love us unconditionally and they love us BIG. Sometimes, though, it can be a little tricky to tell just when they're trying to convey their deep feelings towards us.

They have their own unique way of thinking, communicating, and interacting with humans. Here are 10 ways that dogs express their unconditional love for you:

#1 - When a dog stares at you, it means they love you.

My dog does this all the time and it always made me wonder what he was thinking. According to some research, when a dog looks at you with a heartfelt gaze, it's actually his way of "hugging you with his eyes". 


#2 - They bring your their valuables because they trust you.

Toys are often a dog's most prized possessions. When they offer them to you, that's a big sign that they trust you 100%. They know that they can entrust you with the most valuable thing they own.


#3 - When a dog prefers to sleep with you, they consider you as his/her family.

You know those times when you're almost asleep and you are awoken suddenly by a furry creature cuddling up next to you? Their desire for closeness lets you know that they consider you part of their family - aww!


#4 - When a dog excitedly greets you, it means they really missed you while you were away.

When we're gone to work or out running errands around town, we can't help but think about our fur babies. We often wonder if they ever think about us too. Well, if you get a greeting from an overly excited fur baby, that's a big indicator that they've been wanting to see you just as much as you've been wanting to see them!


There are five more sneaky signs your dog sends you regularly to show his deep love and affection for you. Check out the others on the following page. Do any remind you of your own fur baby?


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