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10 Ways Dogs Tell You They Love You

September 18, 2017

#5 - If you notice your dog staring at you before you leave a room or even ignoring you, that means that they trust you'll return back to them once again.

If you notice that your dog doesn't seem to pay all that much attention to you when you're leaving doesn't mean that they no longer care about your presence or even about you. It's simply their special way of showing you that they have a deep sense of trust that you'll return back to them once again.

#6 - If your dog presses against you, it's their version of giving you a physical hug.

Sometimes, a dog's way of finding comfort in you is leaning against you. They know you'll guard and protect them if they're nervous or afraid.


#7 - If your dog yawns, it can be a sign of complete contentment or even a sign of submission.

A study revealed that when a dog mimic's a person's yawn, it means that they have a close bond with them. It can also mean that they're extremely relaxed and happy in their environment.


#8 - If a dog sits at your feet, it means that they're wanting to protect you.

 It's kind of a way that a dog marks their territory and silently states that they're vowing to be by your side no matter what.


#9 - Dogs use their facial expressions and body language to tell you how they're feeling.

Much like humans, they show their affection by the simple expressions they make with their face and their body language.



#10 - They want to comfort you when you're upset.

 They are highly sensitive to our mood changes. If they notice you're unhappy, they tend to draw close to you, nuzzle you, or even lay beside you to try and comfort you.


Do any of these remind you of your pooch? I know there are several of these that make me think of my Emme girl at home!

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