12- Year- Old Girl Leaves Thousands Speechless When She Performs America’s Most Popular Song

June 30, 2017

My entire life, I have always been in love with live performances. My mom always said that it was the performer in me that appreciated live acts. One of my all time favorite performances as been- and always will be- witnessing The Spangled Banner.

Also known as the famous “The National Anthem,” The Star Spangled Banner, is a countrywide melody of unity. The sound is majestic and the lyrics are rich with patriotism and pride. Originally constructed in the early 1800’s as a poem, this piece of art has brought about unity in a beautiful and powerful way.

As a live- performance enthusiast, my heart is excited to hear the Star Spangled Banner sung at events. More than anything, I love when the powerful song is sung by children.

The national tune is a powerful and bold sound with rich range progression and intense lyrics. To hear anyone sing it is a truly a treat. But for a young child- someone who is so new to the life- to sing the song, you can’t help but get goosebumps and fuzzy feelings.

Recently, the ever- popular song was performed by a 12-year-old girl at a Speedway. Callista Clark, a vocal prodigy, casually belted out the song in front of thousands of speedway fans. While she appeared calm and natural, her performance was anything but.

As she began the song, there were undoubtedly some critics in the stands (After all, a 12- year- old is about to perform one of the most difficult and popular songs in the history of the country. You can only hope that she’s got the pipes for the upcoming feat), but as soon as she opened her mouth, jaws dropped.

Callista sang the sound with absolute grace and power. Throughout the entire song, she remained composed while releasing the sound of an angel. She totally blew the minds of everyone who witnessed her gift of song.

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