Live Video Of Bears In Katmai National Park, Alaska!

June 30, 2017

Live Video Of Upper River

The North American brown bear, more commonly known as the Grizzly Bear is simply a much larger version of the brown bear. Adult females usually weigh between 290 and 400 pounds, while their male counterparts weigh nearly twice as much tipping the scale between 400 and 800 pounds! Amazingly they are born weighing about 1 pound, so putting on weight is just part of being a bear.

Live Video Of Middle River

The bears in these videos are all found in one of the nation's largest national parks. Katmai National Park is over 4,000,000 acres and can be found in southern Alaska. This park is famous for the Grizzly bears that roam the waterways trying to catch fish and with over 2,200 of these guys roaming the park, they eat a lot of fish!

Live Video Of Lower River

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Live Video Of Under Water

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