2-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Barely Speaks. When His Sister Starts To Play Her Guitar, Mom Can Barely Believe What She’s Witnessing

January 18, 2018

Amanda Gray is the wonderful mother of five adorable kiddos. Her youngest child, Bo, is two years old. He’s an incredibly adorable blondie who is filled with all the joy in the world. Little Bo has Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t stop him one bit! While life is a little bit different for Bo, his mother has found ways to help him in the areas he needs it most.

As of now, Bo has a 12-word vocabulary, which is significantly smaller than the average two-year-old. His sister, Lydia, loves her little brother with all of her heart and wants nothing more than to help her youngest brother succeed in every aspect of life. One day while their mother was in the shower, Lydia had the task of looking after Bo.

Lydia instantly thought of a way to entertain her baby brother in the best way she knew how: music. She grabbed her guitar and sat down on the floor beside him. As she began to play, a large, infectious grin broke across Bo’s face. He began to sway back and forth to the rhythm of the song. When Lydia reached certain words, she would stop to give him a chance to chime in. He never missed a beat!

When Amanda saw what was happening, she knew she had to capture this precious moment. Because of Lydia’s loving support of her brother, every single word he knows is all thanks to music. Check out the video, below, to see the sweet moment unfold.

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