Adorable Frenchie Is Obsessed With Food, Which Definitely Helped With His Modeling Career!

July 05, 2017

When I think of French Bulldogs I immediately get the biggest smile on my face. They may be one of the funniest and cutest breeds of dogs around and the Frenchie we are looking at in this story is no exception. He is lovable, squeezable, and all around adorable. And his name is Bluenjy. 

Bluenjy was adopted by his mom when he was just a tiny puppy. His mom loved everything about him and made sure Bluenjy knew how special he was. Bluenjy was considered one of the rarest French Bulldogs around. Particularly due to his size.

Bluenjy's size made him one of the smallest French bulldogs in the world. Bluenjy had a lot going for him when it came to unique traits. Bluenjy never noticed his size difference at all, he was just happy to have a mom who loved him. 

Despite his size, Bluenjy had one trait that would rival even the biggest dogs. His appetite. Bluenjy's mom quickly noticed that the tiny dog had an immense love for food. Not just dog food, literally any and all food.

From pancakes to pasta, Bluenjy would try anything once. And then two or three more times. He absolutely loved trying new foods, which quickly became his favorite foods. Bluenjy even learned to eat pasta and other foods with a fork.

 Don't worry though, Bluenjy's didn't just enjoy carbs and junk food. He loved his fruits and vegetables as well. Broccoli, strawberries, and carrots are but a few of the healthier snacks that Bluenjy enjoyed. A well-balanced diet for one adorable little pup.

With his adorable eating habits, Bluenjy's mom was sure he would get much bigger, but he never did. He remained a tiny, adorable Frenchie. With his petite size, Bluenjy's mom came up with a plan to share Bluenjy with the world. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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