When Woman Saw A Drowning Osprey Bird, She Took A Big Risk To Rescue It

July 06, 2017

A day on the lake can have many unexpected surprises. For a boat full of friends one afternoon, a big surprise came in the form of an animal in need of assistance. While out on a boat one afternoon, one of the girls in the group saw something in the water that appeared to be struggling.

The thing in question was still a long way off, so the friends adjusted course and took the boat over to have a closer look. Once they got close enough, they realized it was a bird, struggling to swim. It wasn't just any bird, however. It was an Osprey.

Ospreys are birds of prey in the hawk family. While they are beautiful, Ospreys can be dangerous. With huge talons and razor sharp beaks, these birds are nothing to mess around with.

However, the Osprey in question was in a bit of trouble and the friends in the boat could not very well just leave it to struggle. Ospreys were known to be very capable hunters, especially when it came to catching fish. Ospreys would normally dive head first into the water and emerge seconds later with their prey.

This Osprey had obviously been hunting but his dive had gone wrong. He must have dove too deep or at a wrong angle because instead of being able to fly away when he emerged, he simply could not get himself out of the water again. The bird tried to swim this way and that but only got a few inches in either direction.

Knowing that the bird would eventually tire out and drown, the friends in boat tried to think of a way to help the Osprey. They could not dive in to save it, for fear of frightening the bird and chasing it farther away. Also, frightening the bird posed a serious threat to the people. If the bird was scared, then it may lash out in defense.

Then one of the girls came up with a plan. Grabbing an oar from the below the deck, she reached the boat oar out as a kind of branch for the Osprey to perch on. The boat got as close as it could and sure enough, the Osprey climbed up onto the oar. Now the tricky part was getting it to the shore, safely. The video on the next page will show just how daring this rescue was. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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