Dynamic Daddy Daughter Duo Take The Cake For Most Photogenic Couple

July 06, 2017

Who didn't love dress-up as a child? I think even as we get older, the urge to play dress-up can overtake us! For instance, while I was "shopping" with some friends at one of those much too fancy for me stores, someone suggested we all try on hats. Before I knew what was going on, we were all wearing lovely hats and taking pictures. Our impromptu dress up session was a much-needed laugh. 

Dress-up is always fun, but kids make it even better! My daughter loves to dress-up and always has. She has three little brothers and no one is left out of our little fashionista's fun and yes, that even includes daddy! I usually get the role of Queen Mommy and have coffee delivered to me by the princes. Not a bad deal if you ask me!

Sholom Ber Solomon, hipster dad from California, loved to dress-up too! When he and his wife had a daughter he could not wait for all of the opportunities for fun photo shoots with his little girl. Before she was even born, most of his Instagram pictures focused on his wife's growing belly and the adventures they took together. 

When his daughter Zoe was born, Solomon wasted no time capturing creative moments with her that she will cherish forever! He planned out each photo shoot, making sure they had just the right outfits and accessories for both dad and baby. Like any good dad, he knew he wanted a happy baby in the pictures, so he made sure Zoe was well rested and fed before each session. The whole thing was a family affair with mom Carli as the photographer. 

Sholom came up with several unique ideas that captured his fun-loving nature. What was his motive behind the photo shoots?

“I have always taken quirky pictures even before she was born,” Solomon told HuffPost. “When she came along I wanted to include her so that one day she can look back at funny memories with her dad.”

From ballerinas to fried chicken check out all of the hilariously adorable moments he has caught with his darling baby so far! 

Daddy the gardener and Zoe the most darling gnome in the garden. 


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