Social Great Dane Gets Along With Literally Everyone And Has Best Friends Of All Shapes And Sizes

July 06, 2017

Whenever you bring home a new pet, you are introducing them not only to a new place to live but to a new family. Rescue pets are especially grateful to their new families because they have, literally, been given a new lease on life. Much like when I brought my dog, Zeus, home for the first time, this Great Dane named Athena was overwhelmed with happiness when she met her new family.

When Athena was brought to her forever home for the first time, she was ecstatic. She finally had a mother who loved her unconditionally and someone that she could love for the rest of her life. Athena was the most loving dog in the world and she was eager to love on anyone and everyone she met.

Athena's new mom had a deep love for animals in need of rescuing, so along with a new mom and new home, Athena also acquired a number of unique and lovable siblings. Athena was soon best buds with a duck and a parakeet. Along with the adorable poultry, Athena was also great friends with a number of dogs.

It did not matter if the dogs belonged to her mom or not, Athena was glad to make friends with every single animal and person that she met. Athena was the most popular dog at the dog park in no time at all. Everyone was anxious to run and play with her. Athena, being a Great Dane, was obviously larger than most of the dogs she came in contact with. But, she was a gentle giant and got along with dogs that were big and small.

Whenever Athena would get home from a long day of playing at the dog park or sprinting up and down the beach, she would immediately go and lay down for a nap. While she slept, her parakeet sibling made sure her nails were trimmed and cleaned by giving her the most adorable pedicure ever. As soon as Athena woke up, she made sure to thank her bird sibling with lots of love.

Athena's mom, like any good dog owner, made sure to give Athena all the love and attention she deserved. Athena would even wake up from her naps, sometimes, to treats waiting for her in bed. And whenever Athena's mom would bring home a new sibling that she rescued, Athena was always the first to welcome them into the family.

Athena became a shining example of love and gratitude, not only to her mom and siblings but to everyone she came in contact with. We could all learn a thing or two about how to love one another by watching Athena! WATCH the video below to see Athena and all her siblings in action.

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