Let Your Sweet Tooth Rejoice! This Cookie Dough Frosting Is Changing The Way You Do Dessert.

cute-cookiedoughfrosting-thumb.jpgI have always had a sweet tooth. Now that I’m older and my body can’t handle all of the sugar, I have to pick and choose my sugar indulgences with care. And when I laid my eyes on this recipe for cookie dough frosting, I knew I’d found my next guilty pleasure.

When I think of cookie dough, I think of a couple things: 1) My mom always telling me not to eat it raw, and 2) Me always finding some way to sneak at least 3 cookies worth of dough. Of course, I would end up paying for my secretive treat with a slightly unhappy tummy, but I always came back for more.

Cookie dough has always been my weakness. And with so many different variations and family secrets to “The Perfect Cookie,” opportunities to try cookie dough are endless! This recipe for cookie dough frosting is no exception.

Originally crafted by Denece Frisbie at allrecipes.com, this cookie dough frosting is a little taste of perfection for any sweet tooth enthusiast. After years of the recipe being shared publically, one woman named Amanda Rettke, decided it was time for this deliciousness to go viral.


Amanda Rettke is the founder of I Am Baker, an online blog filled with recipes from the sweetest of recipes. As a fellow cookie dough lover, she was quite moved by the possibility of cookie dough frosting.

After her first attempt at the yummy spread, she decided that it was the perfect addition to… well… everything! She added the frosting to cake, to ice cream, to fruit, and even atop a spoon (And believe me, when I heard that the frosting could be eaten without being baked, my heart did somersaults).

I tried making this recipe for my niece’s birthday party this last weekend and it was a total hit. We ended up running out unexpectedly and ended up whipping up a second batch. And let me tell you, people were thrilled to have more.

This recipe is easy, QUICK, and seriously show- stopping. If you’ve been day-dreaming about this deliciousness since you started reading, click “NEXT PAGE” to get the full recipe...

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Let Your Sweet Tooth Rejoice! This Cookie Dough Frosting Is Changing The Way You Do Dessert.
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