Adorable Hedgehog Birthday Party Is The Cutest Thing We’ve Ever Seen

February 09, 2018

Is there anything more adorable than watching a bunch of small animals getting together and having a great time? One family decided to throw a birthday party for their hamsters and hedgehog in honor of the hedgehog’s birthday!

To start off the birthday party in the right manner, they started off with baking her very own birthday cake! Their momma slowly and carefully baked an adorable little birthday cake and frosted it with pink frosting made special just for the animals so it would be safe - and delicious!

After baking and decorating the cake, it was time for the party to begin! Their two little hamster invitees climbed up to their seats at the table, while they placed the guest of honor at her spot at the head of the table.

All of the guests were given their own little slices of cake, and they all set into it with great gusto! Watching all of them stuff their faces with the delicious little slices of cake is one of the cutest things we’ve ever truly seen.