Gravely Wounded, Covered In Maggots, And Tossed Into the Sewer To Die, Sweet Old Street Dog Gets Unexpected Life ‘Do-Over’

February 09, 2018

It never gets any easier. Even though we are painfully aware that horrific things happen to discarded pets throughout the world, we never fail to cringe whenever another tragic story comes across our desk. Thank goodness that, for every terrible tale that we read, there is another one that may have a dreadful beginning but, thanks to people like the ones in this story, has a happy, triumphant ending.

This senior pup has lived his long and lonely life on the streets, and now it all seems to be coming to an end in a horrific fashion. Seemingly beyond help, the sad fellow lies motionless on the ground, covered in sewage, preparing to die.

Animal Aid Unlimited is called in to check on the poor pup who seems to be declining by the minute. Thank goodness that the heroes arrive in time. As the rescuer attempts to lift him off the ground, the debilitated dog winces in pain. After adjusting his grip, the man is able to grasp the pup and carry him to the waiting rescue vehicle.

When the heroes get him back to the clinic and examine him they find no injuries to his legs, so they are baffled as to why he is unable to stand.

They bathe him to get the years of dirt, grime, and maggots off his frail and haggard body; then they gently pat him dry.

Carefully trimming the matted fur around his gaping wound, they get a closer look at the trauma he has suffered. They next begin the process of meticulously cleaning out and carefully packing the canine’s ulcerated flesh. They finish up by covering the area with an antibiotic spray.

Severely dehydrated, he needs intravenous fluids and has to be fed manually because he is too weak to even stand long enough to eat from a food dish.

The miracle that is transpiring within this sweet dog’s battered body becomes evident on the third day. The pup rises from his sickbed and begins to eat on his own.

The final step is getting the big fellow all the way up to his feet. With the help of dedicated shelter workers, he is able to stand for the first time in who knows how long! After that momentous accomplishment, there is no stopping him! Nothing will keep him from achieving his goal of getting back to living life.

This time, however, it will be the life he was always meant to live but never got the chance before. Never again will he have to suffer the horrors of living on the street with no one to love him or care for him when he is lonely or hurt. Now, his new family will dote on him for the rest of his days.

In all, it takes a full month of tender loving care to get this old chap back to his former self. He is up, running around, and acting as though he hasn’t a care in the world! Can you believe the resilience of these precious pets??

To see our friend's miraculous recovery and his blessed new life, be sure to watch the video, below.

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