Adorable Puppy Tries To Steal Bed Back From Kitty Thief, Leading To Some Hilarious Footage

February 07, 2018

When Marmalade’s owners brought home Pixel, a ten-week-old French Bulldog puppy, the kitty wasn’t quite sure what to make of the new family member. Her doubts began to disappear when she realized that Pixel also came with a bunch of new toys and belongings!

Marmalade quickly took over the new little bed that was bought to be a comfortable sleeping place for Pixel. Well, Pixel didn’t want to take the loss of his new bed lying down! He was going to fight for it!

Little Pixel approached Marmalade, intending to steal the bed back. Pixel first tried to beg the bed back from Marmalade, doing his best to win her over with his handsome good looks.

When that didn’t work, Pixel grabbed ahold of the bed and began to pull on it, hoping to drag it away from Marmalade. Patient Marmalade just watched as Pixel tried to win the bed back, leveling him with a simple judging look.

Pixel yanked on the bed, hoping to pull it out from under Marmalade. Marmalade refused to take this sitting down and decided to merely lie down, watching Pixel’s face curiously as he fought for his bed.

Eventually, Pixel was forced to admit defeat. He’d lost his green bed to the feisty feline, but he was surely not going to give up the ghost, and he’ll keep fighting to earn his bed back!