Playful Kitten Tries Desperately To Get Sleepy Dog To Play With Her

February 09, 2018

When Buddy’s owners brought home a new bundle of fur, he wasn’t quite sure what to make of it at first! The tiny white kitten named Cotton was all fluff and fur, and she was absolutely smitten with her new big brother!

Cotton was your typical rambunctious little kitten, always looking to play and have a good time. Buddy was growing old and loved to spend his days lounging in the sunlight, and sleeping on the soft carpet.

One sunny day, Buddy found himself a lovely patch of sunlight to sleep in and he began to curl up for a nap. Little Cotton felt like that was the purrfect spot for some playing and so she bounded after him!

Every time that Buddy tried to fall asleep in the sunlight, Cotton jumped on her big brother, and batted gently at his nose! Cotton tried so hard to get Buddy to play with her, hoping to get him to wake up and play with her.

Eventually, Buddy merely laid his head down on the carpet and began to rest his eyes. Cotton batted at him a few more times before giving up and wandering away to find someone else to play with.

Buddy and Cotton are definitely the cutest siblings we’ve seen in quite a long while, and we’re sure that their future is full of love and fun! I hope this video brought as big of a smile to your face as it did to mine.