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Breaking: Here’s What Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s New Title Will Be Once She’s Married. Spoiler: It’s Not What Anyone Thought It’d Be

February 14, 2018

Princess Meghan? Lady Meghan of Wales? Her Royal Highness Meghan? Since November, the world has been patiently waiting to learn the new coveted title of Prince Harry’s bride’s name.

For many reasons, the world of The British Monarchy is an intriguing mystery to much of the world. From afar, the world watches as Britain’s Royal Family lives as modern-day prince and princesses. Although their lives are no fairytale, they do claim the Royal titles quite seriously.

The world has been quite curious about Meghan, Prince Harry’s fiancé. For now, she is once she’s married, she will become part of the British Royal Family and will be given an equally royal title.

Much of the world has considered whether or not she will be ‘Princess,’ ‘Duchess’ (like her future sister-in-law, Kate), or “Her Royal Highness.’

Finally, though, the answer to the ongoing question has been revealed! And it actually going to adjust Prince Harry’s current title as well!

He will no longer be “Prince Henry of Wales,” instead, he and his bride will be paired with the title….

“His Royal Highnesses Duke Sussex and Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex.”

Until then, Meghan will simply remain Meghan. But come May 19th, The Queen will bestow the official title. We're sure she's excited!! The name honors the town of Sussex which is a historic county in Southeast England. Have you heard of it?

We are so excited for His Royal Highnesses Duke Sussex and Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex!! May 19th can’t come soon enough!

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