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Norwegian Music Group Sings A Haunting Song On The Side Of A Mountain

February 15, 2018

If you have ever been entranced by a song, then this one will certainly to the trick. Wardruna is a musical group for Norway that sings cultural Norwegian songs. This time they perform a song called "Helvegen", which is an old Norwegian funeral song.

They decided to perform it on the small island of Traena in Nordland. As you can see in the photo below, the area is literally breathtaking.

Back in ancient times, people would use the natural features of the land to amplify their voice. Sometimes this method was used for plays and other times for musical groups. The rocky cliffs provided by the mountainside definitely make for a fitting setting as well as a natural amplifier for their voices.

The song's name actually means "The Road To Hell", but it sounds like something you would hear on your way to heaven!

Watch this amazing group sing a song that will entrance you the entire time. It take them about 15 seconds to start, but when they do, you’ll be amazed at its beauty.