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Rescued Baby Sloth Is In Desperate Need Of Help, Resulting In The Cutest Bath We’ve Ever Seen

February 16, 2018

Sloths have been stealing the hearts of everyone who sees them for years now for a very good reason. With their long limbs and slow, clumsy movements, there is something about them that tends to remind us of young children.

One adorable little sloth at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica found herself requiring something rather unusual for a little sloth - a bath. Jimima is battling a mild case of mange, and the best way to treat that is with a medicated bath that will help her get better in no time.

Jimima clearly doesn’t like baths, and she refuses to let go of her stuffed animal when the time comes. As a young sloth, she finds comfort in being able to wrap her little arms around something soft, and it reminds her of her mother.

Although Jimima makes it clear that a bath is not her favorite thing in the world, it’s clear that she is growing used to them. Rather than fighting and being overly wriggly, she has come to accept the baths as something that must happen to her!

Jimima is definitely the cutest baby sloth we’ve seen around, and it’s quite obvious why people can’t help but love watching her as she gets her bath. Hopefully, she recovers from the mange quickly!