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Senior Labrador Abandoned In Car In 90 Degree Heat. When Cops Learn Of The Cruelty, They Made Sure Justice Was Served To The Thoughtless Owner

February 16, 2018

Many times, stories come across our desks that leave us wondering where the justice was for the animal. Unfortunately, there are a lot of times when owners who leave animals neglected can simply walk away from their wrongdoings. That’s why when we saw this story, we were beyond grateful for justice was served!

In Brisbane, Australia, cops got a call from concerned onlookers who noticed an animal in a car on a hot day. On the way to the call, the police looked at their temperature gauge and read that it was 90 degrees. They drove faster knowing that the animal didn’t have much time.

When they arrived, they immediately spotted the car as several people were surrounding it. As they got closer to the car, the learned that there was a dog in the hot car and that he was a very old dog. They quickly leaped into action.

After several minutes of trying to get the door open, they finally managed to get it unlocked. As soon as they did, the dog jumped towards them and thanked them with hugs. He was panting quite uncontrollably and he was physically very hot to the touch.

After giving the dog water and cool towels, police were concerned with who could have left the dog in the car.

After several minutes, a 55-year-old man walked out of one of the stores and towards his car. Right away, the police knew that he was responsible for leaving the dog in the car.

The man swore that he hadn’t been in the store long, but the dog’s body temperature proved otherwise. The man was sorry, however, the police decided that justice needed to be served in honor of the senior lab that nearly died from heat exhaustion.

The man was charged in relation to offenses of animal cruelty and he will appear in the court on March 13, 2018. Judges will decide his fate. Until then, the dog will be placed in the car of the RSPCA.

We are so grateful justice is being served for this poor lab. Thank you, police officers for your service to the helpless animal!

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