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Cockatoo Loves Chatting With People. When He Opens His Mouth He Sounds Just Like A Human [VIDEO]

June 06, 2017


I have always wanted to have a parrot who talked. My uncle had a parrot when I was growing up and every time I went over I tried to get it to talk. I spent hours saying one word, over and over again, to try to get the parrot to say it back. No matter how hard I tried, however, the bird just wasn't interested in having a conversation. The complete opposite can be said of this pink cockatoo. 

Lolo, the cockatoo, was known to have a hilarious habit of imitating his caretakers. Lolo was a rescue bird and he lived in a sanctuary in Tennessee. Once Lolo was rescued he quickly became a favorite among caretakers at the sanctuary. Lolo loved talking to anyone and everyone, but one day, one of the caretakers heard something completely unexpected.

While talking with Lolo one afternoon, one of the caretakers asked him "What's up?" Lolo responded right back with his own "what's up" but to the surprise of the caretaker, he sounded remarkably like a person! Lolo seemed to have found a phrase that would stick with him for a while. WATCH the video below to hear Lolo and his hilarious conversation!

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