Dog Always Wanted A Kitten, When His Dad Finally Got Him One I Was Not Ready For His Response

August 10, 2017

Growing up, I was always under the assumption that dogs and cats hated each other. That was probably due to all the movies I watched as a kid, which always seemed to depict dogs and cats being on opposing sides no matter what the situation was. Apparently, that is not the case with some dogs, like the one in this video. The owner of this dog knew that his pooch wanted a kitten more than anything, so when he finally broke down and got the dog one, he had to have to video camera rolling to catch his reaction.

Apparently, whenever the dog and his owner would go to the pet store for food, the dog only wanted to do one thing. He would find the kittens and, instead of barking at them, he would spend most of his time, staring at them longingly, hoping that his dad would bring one home with them. So, finally, the dad decided it was time make his dog's dream come true and when he told the dog the good news, his response took me by complete surprise.

Now granted, dogs can't actually talk and even though the words I heard in the video below were dubbed over later, I can definitely imagine that it was exactly what the dog would have said. Thank goodness the owner took the time to watch his dog's response and put words to it because it made for one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Check it out below and I think you will agree! I guess some dogs are cat lovers deep down after all.

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