Dolphin Swims Up And Asks Divers For Help, Seconds Later They See Why And Spring Into Action

August 02, 2017

It is always amazing to see how many surprises nature likes to throw our way. Especially when it comes to the animal kingdom. One thing that is true of both the human race and the animal kingdom, is that we all need help from time to time. It is when the two worlds collide that a helping hand becomes truly beautiful. Such was the case when a group of divers went in search of manta rays and ended up helping an injured dolphin out of a sticky situation.

One night, in Kona, Hawaii, a group of divers dove into deep and dark waters in search of manta rays. It did not take long for the divers to find what they were looking for and soon they were surrounded by the beautiful creatures. As dozens of manta rays swam around them, the divers noticed a bottle nose dolphin had snuck into the group. The dolphin swam right up to the divers as if asking for help. The divers were confused but, when the dolphin turned over, they saw what the issue was. The dolphin's left fin was wrapped in fishing line with a hook embedded in its skin.

One of the divers had a pair of clippers with him and signaled the dolphin to come to him. The dolphin obeyed without question and the man, very carefully, started working to free the dolphin. After a lot of effort and patience, the diver was able to cut the line off the dolphin's fin and remove the hook. The dolphin did not stick around long but seeing the relief it felt as it swam away was all the diver needed as a thank you. Watch the video below to see the incredible rescue footage!

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